Water is essential to life. Therefore, it is somehow ironic that there is such a thing as water damage. While this liquid is crucial to many daily activities, its presence in the wrong place can cause serious damage and losses. Flooding and typhoons are just a few examples of how water can cause damage. However, it is not always on such a large scale. Whether due to a structural defect in a house or plumbing failures, water in the wrong place can cause significant monetary losses. That’s why measures to combat water damage are crucial. For example, basement waterproofing in Louisville, KY, is crucial not only for your house’s structural integrity but also for your bank balance.

Waterproofing Your Basement

In addition to providing easy access points to wiring and ducts, basements can also provide extra storage space, among other things. That is why ensuring that your basement is well-maintained is crucial for such functions. Among the many things that can render your basement unusable is water damage. Water damage in the basement could be the result of a pipe leak, structural damage to the side of the house, or some other water source. Regardless of where the water comes from, you cannot afford water damage to your basement. 

Waterproofing provides an effective long-term solution to combat such problems. 

There are three major approaches to waterproofing your basement. These include:

i) Exterior waterproofing: This method is straightforward. It involves covering the exterior walls that house the basement. Depending on what’s available, a thick, membranous material or some form of polymer can be used for this. Exterior waterproofing is generally considered to be very effective. It is the most common choice of basement waterproofing for many homeowners.

ii) Sealants and Epoxy Injections: Sealants and epoxy injections are considered quick, stop-gap measures to water damage in a basement. Much like glue is used to hold together different surfaces, sealants and epoxy act in the same manner. One of the main sources of basement damage is water seeping through the walls. Sealants and epoxy injections help to resolve this problem. Once applied, they prevent moisture from finding its way through the walls to the basement.

iii) Interior Drainage: This is another popular method of protecting your basement from water damage. Typically, it involves digging a trench (known as a French drain) around the interior perimeter of the basement. A sump pump and a drain pipe are then installed into this trench. Both the sump pump and the drain help move water out of the basement. This method is preferred by many homeowners compared to exterior waterproofing because it is less disruptive. The sump pump and drain are considered to be part of a modern hydrostatic pressure relief system for getting rid of water from a basement.

How Do The Waterproofing Methods Help to Save Money?

As a homeowner, waterproofing your basement can help you save money in the following ways:

1) Cutting Repair Costs and Efforts

Many homeowners underestimate the damage that water can do to their basements. Of course, they only appreciate this dilemma once the damage is done, and they have to foot the repair bill. Sometimes, you may be lucky that such damage is covered by insurance. If that’s not the case, you’re left to pay for all water damage repairs out of pocket. If you are unlucky, the water damage could be so extensive that it requires significant work. You may need to hire a contractor to clean the basement and dry it using equipment like dehumidifiers. 

All such repairs and effort can be avoided by properly waterproofing your basement. Waterproofing can easily help you save thousands of dollars in needless pairs.

2) Reducing Your Home Insurance

Your house is an asset. Anything that helps it to stay in good shape is always welcome. Waterproofing your basement is one such thing. When your insurance provider becomes aware of you waterproofing your basement, it is a positive sign that you are trying to mitigate the risk of water damage. As such, they are more likely to offer you reduced premiums. Of course, you should never assume that such a reduction in premium is always a given. Check with your insurance provider before embarking on waterproofing your basement. This helps you know whether or not waterproofing your basement can help you get premium reductions.

3) Better Health and Lower Medical Bills

One of the disadvantages of water damage is that it can lead to some medical conditions. Molds are a common occurrence due to water damage. Once water damage occurs in your basement, the likelihood of molds growing increases significantly. Some of these molds are harmful to human health, causing allergies and other respiratory conditions that may require you to go see a doctor. Of course, medical attention costs money. By waterproofing your basement, you reduce the likelihood of water damage which can ultimately provide a conducive environment for mold growth. This ensures that you avoid medical conditions caused by mold infestation and the resultant medical bills.

4) Lower Energy Costs

 Increased humidity in your house means more moisture in the air. This makes the house difficult to heat. A house with high humidity takes longer to heat. Increased use of heaters means increased energy costs. Water damage in your basement can lead to such a situation. By waterproofing your basement, you help to save money on excessive energy costs by ensuring that your home is relatively dry. A dry home is easier to heat compared to one with heavily-humidified air.

5) Increased Property Value

Water damage in your basement is never good news, especially if you’re trying to sell the house. Prospective buyers may become reluctant to purchase your house if it has significant water damage in its basement. If you’ve taken the trouble to have basement waterproofing performed, this increases your house’s curb appeal. Increased curb appeal usually translates into increased property value. 

Basement waterproofing is the solution to ensuring that your basement is always in excellent condition. At Aqua Lock, we know all about basement waterproofing. We can help you ensure that your basement is secure from potential water damage. Our technicians are trained to inspect and come up with the best waterproofing solution for your basement. Contact us here https://aqualockit.com/.

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