Professional Mold Removal in Louisville, KY



    Professional Mold Removal in Louisville, KY

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    Mold Removal & Related Symptoms:

    • ASTHMA

    Click Here To See What The CDC Says About Mold

    Swift Mold Removal Is Vital—Mold Can Be a Dangerous Health Hazard!

    Mold is an all-too-common menace to homes throughout Kentucky. Not only can it physically damage your home and ruin your property value, but it can also pose significant health risks to anyone living in the building—especially those with allergies. As such, knowing how to prevent, detect, and counteract mold growth in your home is crucial. But even more critical than that is having a go-to source for professional mold removal in Louisville, KY, to call when you need help.

    Molds can vary in size, spread, and hazard. Sometimes, you’ll be able to catch mold right as it appears and clear it away yourself safely and effectively. However, mold is a tricky spore, and oftentimes, the spore growth has run wild before it’s discovered. That’s when our team here at Aqua Lock is more than happy to help! Just give us a call at (502) 495-9450 for more information, or use our simple online form.

    Signs That Your Home Is Suffering From Mold Growth

    Correctly identifying harmful mold growths within your home and around your property in a timely manner can help save you from a lot of headaches later on. Unfortunately, mold growths don’t always appear in easily noticeable locations. In order to help you identify if your home is currently suffering from mold spores, here are a few of the most common signs to watch out for:


    Mold Removal Aqua Lock
    • Visible Mold Growth: It should go without saying, but, as always, if you see mold growths anywhere, address them swiftly, and you are able to do so safely. If not, our team is more than happy to help.
    • Foul or Musty Odors: If there is substantial mold growth somewhere hidden from your day-to-day view, you’ll likely notice an unpleasant, often earthy, smell. This smell is caused by the volatile organic compounds that mold naturally releases.
    • Water Stains and Discoloration: Mold grows wild in dampness. If you notice any water stains or discoloration around your home due to a leak or old spill, mold growth may be present.
    • Warped or Bubbling Surfaces: In a similar vein as the point above, paint, walls, or floors that are warping or disfiguring in some manner due to water damage may also be a sign of hidden mold growth.

    If you’re not sure where to start looking, your best bet is to check any location that may routinely experience high levels of condensation and humidity, as well as dark, damp areas. Some places to routinely check include bathrooms, under sinks, closets, and garages. And, if you’d prefer to leave it to the pros, our professional mold removal in Louisville, KY—here at Aqua Lock—can help!

    Signs That You Are Suffering From Mold-Related Symptoms at Home

    The signs that your home is housing unwanted mold growths extend beyond physical damage to your property—symptoms can also arise with your own health. Most commonly, if your home is dealing with mold, you may be experiencing the following health hazards:

    • Worsening Allergies: If you are someone who is prone to specific allergens, the effects of mold growth on the human body may be disguising themselves and causing you similar distress—if not outright exacerbating it. Common symptoms include sneezing, a stuffy or runny nose, and watery or scratchy eyes.
    • Respiratory Troubles: Routinely ingesting mold spores leads to persistent coughing, wheezing, and other breathing difficulties. Likewise, asthma can also be exacerbated.
    • General Fatigue: Feeling more tired and weak than usual may be challenging to spot on its own. However, this commonly appears in conjunction with a number of other symptoms listed here.
    • Skin Irritation: In some cases—especially coming in direct contact with the mold—skin redness, itchiness, and irritation may occur.
    • Nausea: The continued breathing-in of mold spores can also lead to persistent nausea and other digestive complaints.

    If you’d like to learn more about the effects of mold on the human body, click here to see what the CDC has to say on the matter. And, if you notice any of the many symptoms above (both with your property and yourself), don’t hesitate to give us a call at (502) 495-9450 to discuss your options for professional mold removal in Louisville, KY.

    Choose Aqua Lock as Your Professional Mold Removal Service


    Our team here at Aqua Lock is fully EPA-approved and certified for mold removal and mold remediation (Certified Mold Inspector CMI 79130, Remediation Contractor CMRC 79808). That means every member of our Aqua Lock team is capable of finding practical, high-quality solutions to whatever your mold removal needs may be. Furthermore, having expertly solved countless cases of indoor mold problems, Aqua Lock has the experience you need to prevent the growth of future mold spores.

    So, if you have a mold growth problem in your home and are in dire need of professional mold removal in Louisville, KY, call Aqua Lock today! As we’ll talk about in a moment, mold can cause both significant physical health and property safety concerns. Accordingly, our team will eliminate any mold and remove any contaminated materials as necessary to restore your property.

    Mold Removal Questions

    What is Mold?

    Molds are considered ubiquitous—they’re guaranteed to appear from time to time. Mold spores are commonly found in household and workplace dust. When mold is found in large quantities, it can be a severe health hazard to humans—potentially causing allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and other issues as described above. Click here to learn more about mold from Wikipedia.

    How Does Mold Get Into The Air?

    Molds can enter into the air in thousands of various species. Some molds are much more potent than others, and most mold is visible. However, what can we do about the mold we cannot see? 

    It isn’t sufficient to merely eliminate visible mold and treat or remove those surfaces. Usually, we not only treat the mold-infested area, but we must also treat the air in the building as well. Why? Because mold, when disturbed, travels through the air, contaminating the entire environment. When mold is disturbed and removed from surfaces, it will always become airborne, often causing the inhabitants to become ill or show mold-related symptoms like asthma. Fortunately, our mold remediators can test the air in the building throughout the inspection process to determine whether the air has become contaminated and, if so, to what extent.

    As soon as these airborne tests are evaluated, we can eliminate the mold in the air using a commercial air scrubber. These machines eliminate airborne contamination as small as 0.3 microns by drawing in the air inside a building and discharging it outdoors.

    The air scrubbers run for a varied length depending on the rooms’ size and the quantity of mold in the air. When the source of the mold damage is repaired, the visible mold is removed from the air—the mold remediation procedure is now complete.

    What Is Included In Your Mold Removal Services?

    Our services for professional mold removal in Louisville, KY, include:

    • Mold testing
    • Mold removal cleaner/cleaners
    • Removal of mold
    • Mold spore removal
    • Mold inspection
    • Mold removal treatment
    • Safe mold removal

    Top-Rated Mold Removal and Remediation Services in Louisville, Kentucky

    As you can see, when mold appears and begins to terrorize your home, acting fast and effectively is your best course of action. That means reaching out to Aqua Lock today for top-of-the-line professional mold removal in Louisville, KY. Call us today at (502) 495-9450 to ask any questions or receive your free quote! Feel free to fill out our convenient online form alternatively.

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