E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System in Louisville, KY



    E-Z Breathe® Creates Pollutant-Free Living

    E-Z Breathe®
    The E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System maintains healthy humidity levels. It only costs $2-$4 per month compared to a traditional dehumidifier that can cost up to $50 per month! There is no maintenance, no nasty buckets to empty, no filters to change, simply set it and forget it! E·Z Breathe® improves air quality by creating air exchanges. It reduces mold and mildew and eliminates unpleasant odors!

    DID YOU KNOW… The average home’s foundation absorbs 10-15 gallons of water vapor DAILY? This absorption through your home’s foundation accounts for 80% of your indoor airborne moisture. The E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System not only reduces the airborne moisture, but it also reduces indoor air pollution, expels odors, mold spores and contaminated air from your home. Click this link to learn more and visit the E·Z Breathe® website.

    E-Z Breathe®

    Home Ventilation Systems vs. Air Purifiers 

    Home ventilation systems exchange stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air, improving overall air circulation and reducing humidity levels. On the other hand, air purifiers use filters or technology to capture and remove pollutants such as dust, pollen, and mold spores from the air.

    Home Ventilation Systems:

    • Improve air circulation
    • Reduce humidity levels
    • Can help prevent mold growth

    Air Purifiers:

    • Capture and remove pollutants from the air
    • Can help reduce allergies and asthma symptoms
    • Come in a variety of sizes and types

    Both home ventilation systems and air purifiers play important roles in improving indoor air quality, but they serve different purposes and may be more appropriate for different situations. It is best to consult with a professional to determine the best solution for your specific needs.

    The E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System helps to remove excess moisture, odors, and indoor air pollutants, creating a healthier environment for you and your family. The E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System allows you to breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner, fresher living space.

    Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality 

    Several key signs may indicate indoor air quality problems, including noticeable odors, excess dust or mold growth, frequent respiratory issues, and increased allergy symptoms. Another common red flag is the presence of high humidity levels, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. It is important to address these signs promptly to improve the overall quality of indoor air and create a healthier living environment for yourself and your loved ones.

    Regular air quality testing and implementing proper ventilation and filtration systems can help to mitigate these issues and ensure a safer and more comfortable indoor environment.

    E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System: A Custom Solution for Any Space

    The E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System is available in various sizes to ensure maximum airflow in various houses. The telescoping chute is available in a standard 8-feet model and can be extended up to 10 feet. The crawlspace chute reaches up to 5 feet. 

    The set-it-forget-it control panel runs on a medium to high fan height with a humidistat of 35% to 45%. 

    A humidistat is a device that measures and regulates the humidity levels in your home. The ideal humidity range for indoor spaces is 35 to 45%, as higher levels can promote mold and mildew growth, while lower levels can lead to dry skin and respiratory issues. By using a humidistat to keep humidity levels within this range, homeowners can improve indoor air quality and create a more comfortable living environment.

    Naturally Improve Air Flow From Basement to Attic 

    Using the stack effect, the E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System ensures your home’s heating and air conditioning systems can move efficiently from the basement and circulate throughout the property. This means no more musty smells, stagnant air, or drafts, and improved comfort.

    The E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System’s greatest advantage is that it creates a much-needed pathway for dirty air in the basement to be exchanged with fresh, clean air from upstairs. At the same time, increased air exchanges ultimately enhance your home’s air quality and temperature control.  

    Get Professional Installation From Aqua Lock

    We are a family-owned and operated business that helps families throughout Louisville, KY, breathe easier thanks to solutions like the E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System. We have helped thousands of homeowners in Louisville, Lexington, and surrounding areas improve their indoor air quality with long-term, effective solutions.

    By working with us, you can expect top-notch customer service that treats you like a member of our family. We want you to feel 100% confident in choosing us to be your partners in better home air. 

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    E·Z Breathe® Ventilation System Questions

    What is an E·Z Breathe® Ventilation System?
    The E·Z Breathe® System produces a cleaner and a healthier living environment. It is a completely maintenance free unit. E·Z Breathe® will safeguard your family and home from any excess moisture, mold, toxin, allergies and harmful air. It provides powerful ventilation and supports the EPA’s recommendations to reduce indoor air pollution.
    How Does the E·Z Breathe® Ventilation System Work?

    The E·Z Breathe® Ventilation System works by exchanging stale air for fresh air. Removing excess moisture also helps prevent damage to your home’s structure and personal belongings. The system removes moisture from your home for pennies a day!

    E·Z Breathe® is quiet, yet potent. It draws in moist, contaminated indoor pollutants, and expels them safely from the house. In essence, E·Z Breathe® offers the house with much needed healthier outdoor air, it creates essential ventilation inside the house which inhibits the development of molds and reduces moisture related issues.

    What Are the Benefits of Installing an E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System in My Home?

    Installing an E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System can help reduce humidity levels, prevent musty odors, and improve indoor air quality. It can also help to reduce the risk of respiratory issues and allergy symptoms caused by poor air circulation.

    How Often Do I Need to Maintain the E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System?

    The E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System is designed to be low maintenance, but regular inspections and cleanings can improve performance and guarantee optimal air exchange. 

    Can I use the E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System With Air Purifiers?

    Yes, the E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System can be used alongside air purifiers. However, it is important to consult with a professional to ensure that all systems are properly installed and working together efficiently.