Professional Basement Waterproofing in Louisville, KY



    Aqua Lock’s Basement Waterproofers Let You Enjoy Your Basement Again!

    Aqua Lock Basement Waterproofers in Louisville, KY

    Don’t let your basement succumb to water damage and jeopardize the safety and structural integrity of your home. Give our team here at Aqua Lock a call at (502) 495-9450, and let’s discuss what our basement waterproofing in Louisville, KY (and Lexington) could mean for your property.

      All basement waterproofers know that when water enters your basement or crawl space it can be a very frustrating and costly problem. Water and moisture can be damaging to your home and your belongings. Other problems can include the growth of mold and mildew as well as insect infestations. We offer lasting waterproofing solutions in Louisville for all types of basements and crawlspaces.

      Aqua Lock Basement Waterproofers in Louisville, KY

      Aqua Lock’s Basement Waterproofers Let You Enjoy Your Basement Again!

      The basement of your home is a sizable and highly versatile space that can be adapted for innumerable uses. From remaining as a simple and secure storage area to transforming into a completely new living space, there’s a lot you can do with it. However, one thing holds true no matter what you decide to do with your basement: it’s going to need protection against water damage. And if you’re in need of basement waterproofing in Louisville, Lexington, or one of the surrounding areas, then you already know who to call.

      Your Basement Waterproofers in Louisville, KY

      The Aqua Lock team—as our name suggests—has a treasure trove of experience working with basements of all shapes and sizes and helping them to achieve proper protection from water damage that can so commonly destroy a basement. Our friendly crew will handle the project swiftly, effectively, and with as little disruption to your home life as possible.

      Ready to discuss your basement’s waterproofing in further detail with a member of our team? If so, get in touch with us today, and we can get started!

      Our Basement Waterproofing Services

      All basement waterproofers know that when water enters your basement or crawl space, it can be frustrating and costly. Water and moisture can be damaging to your home and your belongings, but we’ll discuss that in further detail later. Accordingly, we offer lasting waterproofing solutions in Louisville for all types of basements and crawlspaces.

      These services include:

      • Basement interior wall and floor sealers
      • Basement interior water drainage
      • Basement exterior drainage
      • Basement exterior waterproofing coatings

      If you have any questions about our basement waterproofing services, we’d be happy to answer them over the phone at (502) 495-9450.

      Why Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

      Every basement can benefit immensely from proper waterproofing, courtesy of the Aqua Lock team. This is the case for a number of reasons, including the following.

      Water Damage is No Laughing Matter

      First and foremost, waterproofing is your safest bet for the protection of your basement (and home) from the effects of water damage. Water damage can happen in countless ways, from excessive rainfall and flooding to leaking pipes and a lack of quality home waterproofing. And when water damage does take hold of your property, it can create stressful issues, such as:

      • Deterioration of walls, foundations, floors, and more
      • Damage to the electrical system of your home
      • Damage to or loss of personal belongings
      • Increased indoor humidity levels
      • And the growth of mold and mildew

      Mold Growth Can Create Serious Health Risks

      The last point above is a significant one. While water damage can cause immense structural damage to your home, the mold and mildew that grows as a result can also have adverse effects on those living within the property. Exposure to certain mold growths has been proven to cause issues like:

      • Respiratory problems, such as coughing, heightened allergies, and worsening asthma
      • Allergic reactions to the mold or mildew itself
      • Weakening the immune system over time
      • Skin problems, such as redness, rashes, and uncomfortable itching
      • Persistent eye, nose, and throat irritation

      If you or a member of your family is suffering from the side effects of mold growth, see a doctor immediately to ensure both health and safety. Then, call our team here at Aqua Lock and let us get rid of that mold and property waterproof your home.

      Basement Waterproofing Opens Up Countless Opportunities

      Basement waterproofing isn’t just a countermeasure against the possible dangers of water damage and mold growth. It is also a necessary element of any basement renovation. Whether you’re looking to turn your basement into a man-cave and recreational area or you want to use it as a home office and art studio, waterproofing ensures that there is no needless damage caused to the space.

      So, if you want to avoid the devastating effects of water damage, keep yourself safe from mold growth, and reconceptualize the role of your home’s basement, then you need basement waterproofing in Louisville, KY.

      Imagine What You Can Do With A New Basement!

      As we mentioned above, getting the proper basement waterproofing can open up a world of possibilities for what you can do with the space. Just take a look at a few of the examples we’ve provided below!

      Basement Waterproofers Aqua Lock in Louisville, KY

      New Family Room

      Basement Waterproofers Aqua Lock in Louisville, KY

      Man Cave

      Basement Waterproofers Aqua Lock in Louisville, KY

      Exercise Room

      Basement Waterproofing FAQ

      Before giving us a call at (502) 495-9450, be sure to read through the FAQ provided below to see if any of your questions have already been answered right here!

      What Do Basement Waterproofers Do?

      In addition to the waterproofing services and systems discussed above, some of our additional basement waterproofing services include:

      • Crack repair using liquid rubber technology
      • Interior and exterior perimeter drainage systems
      • Carbon fiber wall stabilization
      • Sump pumps
      • Piering systems

      How Do the Aqua Lock Basement Waterproofers Work?

      The critical points of the Aqua Lock waterproofing process are as follows:

      • Crack Repair using Liquid Rubber Technology: Our basement waterproofing technology and processes are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The best thing about liquid rubber technology is it has over 800% elasticity. This waterproofing membrane expands when it needs to and will not dry out. It can be applied as a sealant to most surfaces—concrete, wood, and even rusty metal. We can help you waterproof almost any surface, including your leaky basement, roofs, decorative ponds, fountains, and more.
      • Exterior Perimeter Drainage Systems: Installing an external drainage system at an existing home or building is the most effective basement waterproofing solution. This requires digging up the area around the foundation and rebuilding it, similar to a new house installation. Waterproofing sealants are installed when the foundation is exposed, and any repairs to the foundation are made. All exterior drainage systems must direct water away from the foundation.
        • Drain tile can also be placed around the perimeter of the house. A minimum of 12 inches of coarse aggregate should be placed around the drain tile. 
      • Interior Perimeter Drainage Systems: Installing an interior drainage system in an existing basement can be one of the most effective basement waterproofing solutions. This requires opening a drainage trench around the inside perimeter. We then install a sub-floor drainage system which directs water to an installed sump pump. Finally, new concrete is poured to top off the trench and complete the installation.
      • Wall Stabilization: Basement walls are obviously the very foundation of your house, but walls that are bowing can cause basement flooding. There are many reasons why basement walls bend, but the most critical factor in the stability of a house foundation is the soil and water around it. Soils in Kentucky contain clay, which can contract and expand based on the amount of moisture in it. When clay is saturated with water, it will expand and create additional pressure on a basement wall. This, along with poor drainage, will cause wet walls and create a need for basement waterproofing and stabilization.

      What Can I Do To Help Waterproof My Basement?

      For an existing house with a wet basement, a number of issues ought to be addressed before any drainage system or basement waterproofing process is installed.

      • First, make sure the grade is pitched away from the home to drain away surface water effectively. The grade should not be any closer to the siding than six inches because of rot and termite issues. 
      • Next, extend the outlets of the downspouts away from the home and keep gutters totally free of debris to help keep water away from the foundation. Where leaves and twigs from nearby trees may collect in a gutter, install a wire strainer over the downspout. Also, consider covering the outlet or place screening across the
      • Then, seed the wet area with robust and hearty lawn grass. Even better, sodding is a common practice and prevents the washing away of newly graded areas during heavy rains. If the area is wet, there is a much better chance that the roots of the sod will grow and the grass will become strong.
      • To determine whether the water is seeping in from the outside or condensing inside, tape a twelve-inch square of aluminum foil to a damp wall and seal all four sides to make the surface behind the foil as airtight as possible. After two days, check to see if the side of the foil that was against the wall is wet. If the outside is wet (basement side), it’s a condensation issue; if the inside is moist (wall site), it is a seepage issue.

      If you’d like any assistance with the tasks above, be sure to give us a call at (502) 495-9450 during our usual business hours of 8 am to 5 pm.

      Schedule Your Basement Waterproofing in Louisville, KY, With Aqua Lock!

      A house is among the most significant investments a person can make, and permitting an entire floor’s worth of space to become flooded will immediately ruin the value and resale of your house. From poured concrete foundations to monolithic, stone, block, or tile basement walls, no concrete basement is secure from water leaking through the basement walls, floor, and floor joists and then entering your house. 

      After fixing hundreds of wet basement issues, the staff, technicians, and waterproofing specialists at Aqua Lock have seen it all, and we recognize how damaging a concrete basement water issue can be to your house, well-being, and possessions. So, if you’re looking to invest in adequate basement waterproofing in Louisville, KY, get started with Aqua Lock today!

      You can reach our team online or by phone at (502) 495-9450. Likewise, you can also go ahead and request your free quote now!