Basement Inspections



    Basement Inspections for Real Estate Transactions

    Basement Inspections Aqua Lock

    Basement Inspections for Real Estate Transactions are necessary when buying a home. Consider hiring a basement waterproofing contractor to take care of that. 

    One of the most common problems found in a house is leakage in the basement. Aqua Lock is called upon by many home inspectors to evaluate water in and around the foundation of the home. If there are any signs of water, we make recommendations and have all the necessary know how to repair basement water issues that are big or small.

    Basement Inspection Questions

    Does My Seller's Disclosure Indicate Basement Water Damage?
    A Seller’s Disclosure Does Not Always Indicate Basement Water Damage. A seller might not know there is water or water damage in the basement. It is wise to schedule a basement inspection when you are buying a new home.
    How Can I know If I Need A Basement Inspection?

    A Basement Inspection might be needed if you your home is exhibiting some signs listed below:

    • stains around cracks in a wall or floor
    • unpleasant odor
    • excessive insects
    • dampness or stains on carpet
    • efflorescence on basement walls
    • signs of mold or mildew
    • rust stains on floors and carpet
    • rusty nails on baseboards
    • rust on electrical boxes
    • stains on wood or darkening wood